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terAs Law Review (terAs-LRev) is an open access and peer-reviewed journal published by the Center for Research and Development of Humanitarian and Human Rights Law (terAs), Faculty of Law, Trisakti University, twice a year in May and November.

terAs Law Review was named Jurnal Hukum Humaniter. It was first published on July 2005 with the purpose to cover Humanitarian Law topics. Due to some issues, Jurnal Hukum Humaniter discontinued maintaining its periodical publication since 2008. Considering humanitarian law courses is one of the characteristics of the Law Faculty of Trisakti University as the highest respect to Prof. KGPH. Haryomataram as the lecturer at the Faculty and the father of Humanitarian Law in Indonesia, the Center for Research and Development of Humanitarian and Human Rights Law (terAs) reactivated the journal with a new edition called “terAs Law Review”. The name “terAs” consists of two syllables, “ter” and “As”. The first syllable is the suffix of “(Hukum) Humaniter” (in Bahasa), means Humanitarian Law; and the second syllable is the prefix of “(Hukum) Hak Asasi Manusia (in Bahasa), means Human Rights Law.

terAs Law Review is dedicated to cover not only International Humanitarian Law but also to International Human Rights Law topics as its main focuses. Beside that terAs Law Review also open for other related branch of law such as Public International Law (and its branches, i.e. International Criminal Law, International Environmental Law, International Law of Treaty, Refugee Law), Cyber Law, Islamic Law, Constitutional Law, Philosophy, and other branch of law as long as the topics are related to armed conflicts.

Published exclusively in English and/or Bahasa Indonesia, terAs Law Review facilitates scholarly and professional discussions over current developments on Humanitarian Law and those related subjects. Therefore, terAs Law Review accepted submission from all over the world. All submitted articles shall never been published elsewhere, original and not under consideration for other publications. Using Plagiarism Detector Program, the Editorial Board will automatically reject manuscript plagiarism indication (above 20%). terAs Law Review has become a CrossRef Member since its reactivated edition in November 2019. Therefore, all articles published by terAs Law Review will have a unique DOI number.

terAs Law Review published by the Center for Research and Development of Humanitarian and Human Rights Law (terAs), Faculty of Law, Trisakti University in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Delegation Jakarta and Timor Leste.

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Vol 1, No 1 (2019): terAs Law Review

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Andrey Sujatmoko
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Adrianus Adityo Vito Ramon
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Jun Justinar
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Enny Narwati, Dina Sunyowati, Lina Hastuti, Nilam Andalia Kurniasari
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Amalia Zuhra
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Jeane Neltje Saly
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