Journal History

First volume of Jurnal PETRO was published in 2007 with Ir. Mukmin P. Tamsil, MS, as first chief editor. At the same year, Jurnal PETRO was registered as a quarterly journal in Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Ilmiah (PDII) LIPI and got P-ISSN. But until 2015, Jurnal PETRO's only had five volumes due to lack of good-quality articles to be published. 
In 2017 there was a change in Jurnal PETRO's internal management and was appointed the new chief editor, Cahaya Rosyidan, MSc. Under his leadership, Jurnal PETRO developed rapidly in accordance with the rules of good journal management. Various internal and external problems found those solution step by step. The team were starting to conduct "door to door" method to got a research articles to solve the lack of good quality articles problem. Meanwhile to attract the author’s interest to publish their articles in Jurnal PETRO, the team struggle making Jurnal PETRO to be indexed by various well-known indexing institutions. For this reason, in 2017 Jurnal PETRO editorial team is focused on the "back-date" issue of 2016 and 2017. 
In 2018, there are many good signs of team’s effort, such as Jurnal PETRO received an E-ISSN from PDII LIPI in 2nd February 2018 and Jurnal PETRO indexed by various well-known indexing institutions, i.e. Crossref, Google Scholar, GARUDA (Digital Referral Guard), and ISJD. While the team still fighting to got another indexation, in 2018 Jurnal PETRO had published four numbers successfully. And the present members of Jurnal PETRO’s editor are :

1. Cahaya Rosyidan, MSc as chief and jurnal manager.

3. Widia Yanti, SSi, MT as section editor, & layout editor.

4. Aqylna F, ST as copyeditor.

5. Havid Pramadika as editor.

6. Ghanima, ST as Proofreader.

7. Ekarizky as copyeditor.