Focus and Scope

The main aim of  the Journal Geoscience Engineering and Energy (JOGEE) is to provide an open access platform to the articles that resulted of high-quality research works related with the geoscience and energy field.  This is open for papers of geology (petrology; volcanology and geothermal; sedimentology and stratigraphy; paleontology; structural geology  and seismology; petroleum geosciences; mineral deposits and coal mining; remotee sensing,; hidrogeology; marine geology and oceanography; geological engineering; environmental and geohazard mitigation; and also geotourism), geophysics (physical geology; exploration Geophysics), geochemistry, energy of renewable (geothermal; ..)and non-renewable energy (petroleum engineering; G&G method; mineral deposits, coal and energy resources management),dll. The Journal Geoscience Engineering and Energy (JOGEE) welcome the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. It caters to the requirements of the geologist, researchers, academicians and also students,  lab professional, and industry that is involved in geoscience studies.

This journal publishes 2 numbers per year at least 8-9 articles. Papers will be published approximately 14 days after acceptance.