Journal History

Jurnal Magister Akuntansi Trisakti was first published in 2014 with Dr. Vinola Herawary, Ak, CA, M.Sc as Editor in Chief and Idrianita Anis as Managing Editor. Inaugural Edition Volume 1 No. 1, February 2014 up to Volume 4 No. 1 in February 2017 were published in paper back. Starting from Volume 4 No. 2, September 2017 in compliance with regulation of Dirjen Dikti No. 1 Tahun 2014 Pedoman Akreditasi, any scientific periodicals must converted from the printed version to the electronic form, start making a transition for all new periodicals into full electronic form.

There was also a change in the editorial team from the printed version to the electronic version by involving competent lecturers and administrative staff. In February 2019, manager change occur with Amalia Puspita Wardhani, SE, MAk as Managing Editor and Dr. Vinola Herawary, Ak, CA, M.Sc remains unchanged as Editor in Chief.

Since September 2017, the entire Jurnal Magister Akuntansi Trisakti has been OJS-based. All back issues from 2014 to February 2017 have been aired. To overcome plagiarism, turn-it-in test is done with a maximum tolerance level of 20%. Jurnal Magister akuntansi Trisakti also has been registered on DOI and registered to several indexing institutions Garuda, Google Scholar, ISJD dan BASE.