Journal History

JAMIN : JURNAL ABDI MASYARAKAT INDONESIA is initiated by the Faculty of Earth Technology and Energy (FTKE) to accommodate the output program of Community Service (PKM). The community service program as one of the TRIDHARMA of Higher Education Institution has a mandatory to publish their result activity through publication. Moreover, some published articles in this journal will be valuable sources of reference for further development of Community Service and Teaching Activities. For those reasons and with the advice from the Vice Dean of Faculty of Earth Technology and Energy, the Journal team commences to create the journal. The future goal is to provide a broad range scope of reader, various author backgrounds from many institutions in Indonesia. Therefore, this journal is widely open submission for any articles from multiple academic backgrounds and institutions. The manuscript is expected comprised of several activities of problem-solving and managing the various potential, obstacle and challenge in society through sharing knowledge, socialization or set up the simple design instruments for specific problem in particular area.

Indonesia has vast populations, various ethnics, cultures and local wisdom. The unique variety of its inhabitant may leads to the complexities issues in many aspects, such as medical, education, economy and environment. Therefore, the academic institution is expected to be involved in social empowerment. The involvement of educational institution appears on the Community Service Program, which contributes to solving social problems. As a result, the entire activities of Community Service is recorded as a report or article to be harnessed by the society in addressing the upcoming of a similar problem. The society involvement, together with academic institution and third party includes social empowerment and development, research action and its implementation to overcome the issue in communities. Finally, this program is beneficial to improve the wealth of societies.