Analisis Getaran untuk Mengindentifikasi Gearmesh Pada Transmisi Roda Gigi Lurus Menggunakan Perangkat Lunak Labview

Noor Eddy, VVibawa Purabaya, Helson Helson


Vibration Analysis to Identity Gearmesh on Spur Gears Transmission by Using
LabVIEW Software. Spectrum vibration analysis which is done and focus on gearmesh. In this
experiment, transmission ofspur gears is employed which is completed by a double-rotors kit model as a
load. This experiment, which is done by using two kinds oflubrication with different viscosity such as
SAE 20W-50 and SAE 15W-50. Vibration analysis employs alternative software, Lab VIEW that has high
simplicity andflexibility in making the customization as necessary. LabVIEW may be used to monitor the
machine condition continuously and to acquire data when needed. Thus, the characteristic vibration
analysis may be observed and ifan abnormal condition takes place, the solution may be required.

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