Uji Kinerja Bubbling Fluidized-Bed Gasifier Biomassa Menggunakan Katalis Clay

Bambang Suwondo Rahardjo, Nao Tanaka


Performance Test Of Biomass Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gassifier Using Clay Catalyst
Design of catalytic bubbling fluidized-bed gasifier operate on temperature 650-750"C using the
cheapness ofclay catalyst withoutforming oftar emission compared to silica sand catalyst (13%) and or
FCC(1%). Research ofperformance test ofpilot-planthavebeen doneby counted25 timessince year of
2004 by biomass feeding in theform ofsawdust, rice husk, corn stem, peanuts shell. Gas product can
move generator diesel 25kWe with calorie value which still lower (<10MJ/ m3), whereas at usage ofcorn
stemfeeding counted 26 kgs/h at diesel generator 30 kWe, success economize diesel fuel 25% with
attainment ofefficiency 51% on gasification temperature of 733"C Still require to improve stability and
duration of material feeding system, mixing system design of feeding materialscatalyst, and also
optimation ofgasification operation condition.

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