Analysis of Ni25at%Cr Debye-Waller Factor

Aziz K. Jahja, Nurdin Effendi


Analysis of Ni25at%Cr Debye-Waller Factor. Intensity analysis on X-ray diffraction
experiment was carriedout on Ni25at%Cr solid bulk sample to study the effect ofheat treatment on the
physical properties. Rietveld analysis (RIETAN) on both the untreated and heat-treated samples
incorporates both structural parameters such as Debye-Waller temperature factor and non-structural
parameters such as peak-position, peak-width, and peak broadening. Changes in these parameters have
been observed in these samples, normally associated with changes in the materials properties after heattreatment,
although previous residts show that the samples'microstructure and crystal group symmetry
have not been altered. Careful analysis revealed that on the atomic scale, the materials' physical
characteristics such as Debye temperature, molar heat capacity, and homogenous and inhomogeneous
strain, thermal coefficient expansion have experienced some changes. Therefore this finding should have
physical impact onthe materials, such as convection-heat rate and thermal conductivity.

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