Analisis Distribusi Tegangan Pada Kepala Baut Dengan Variasi Filet Menggunakan Metode Fotoelastisitas

Tono Sukarnoto, Soeharsono Soeharsono


Stress Distribution Analysis on Bolt Head with Various Fillets Using Photoelasticity
Method. A geometry modification can be use to reduce stress concentration. This research is
investigating the influence offillet radius in the head ofbolt. Different than most commonbolt, thefillet is
made at the bottom surface of head around its neck. To show the stress distribution we use classical
experimental mechanics method, photo elasticity. Loading comesfrom a lead screw and measured by a
load cell connected to a computer data logger. As the result, a 5 mm fillet radius may reduce maximum
shear stress up to 35%than nofillet radius, so its effective to minimize stress concentration in head bolt.

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