Kekerasan dan Mikrostruktur Al-Si Pada Sebuah Produk Tuangan dengan Tebal Berlainan

Dody Prayitno, Rajasagaran Rajasagaran


Hardness of Microstructures of The As Cast (Al-Si) with different thickness, The aim of the
research is to investigate effect ofthickness of casting on thehardness and microstructure ofaluminumsilicon.
Theresearch started by melting the Al-I0%Si at 750 "C. A wood pattern which varies in thickness
was used in the making a sandmould. The molten metal was poured into the sandmould. Finally the ascast
is cut, grinded andpolishedfor metallographic andhardness testing. An etching solution, HCl I %
was usedfor metallographic and the sampleswereobserved under a SEMmachine. The Vickers hardness
testing machine is used. The experimental researches show that reducing in thickness of casting will
reduce silicon-eutectic size and increase the hardness.

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