Uji Ketahanan 100 Jam Mesin Genset 27 KW Menggunakan Coco-Diesel

Rizqon Fajar, Ihwan Haryono, Misbah Kuddin


Durability Test of Small Diesel Engine 27KW Using Coco-Diesel Today, government is
concern on using vegetable oil as alternative fuel which is environment friendly. Biofuel should be
transformed to ester compound before used on diesel engines. It is caused that ester has similar physical
properties comparing to the mineral oil (solar). This paper presents a durability test results on a diesel
engine which used ester compoundfrom coconut diesel (coco methyl ester. The test was done for 100
hours. The engine test used was a single cylinder Mitsubishi ™with capacity 27 HP. The engine was
coupled by generator electricity. During durability test the generator was loaded by heaters 10 KW. Fuel
consumption, opacity, exhausts gas temperature andoil condition waschecked at 0, 50 and100hours.
Keywords: coco-diesel, specificfuel consumption, opacity, viscosity

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